Jane Banks - EMEA training
Baxter Healthcare

When working with Helen you can be guaranteed a no nonsense, professional partner who listens first, asks insightful questions and does not avoid difficult, tricky decisions. I have found Helen to share a great sense of humour combined with an impressive capacity to work and turn around projects on time in full. Helen has experience delivering globally and locally. I have seen her hold a room with 45 or more delegates from 20 different countries for a full day maintaining engagement and speaking with a clarity that all can understand. If you have ever been the only native English speaker in the room you will know what a skill this is and how much it is appreciated. In summary Helen's experience, energy and engagement make it easy to recommend her and to continue to enjoy working with her.

Refineries Learning and Development Hellenic Petroleum Group

Excellent performance and presentation of the subject, including discussion, brainstorming, practice, and role playing;

I am very grateful to and excited to work with Helen.”

Sometimes we need a helping hand on how to present ourselves for promotion.

We are often our own worst critic. A colleague   approached me for help on presenting her Business case for promotion t.

This was the perfect opportunity for me to introduce my colleague and long term friend Helen from Improved Outcomes.

Helen is incredibly skilled at getting to the heart of the matter, cutting through the noise and really focusing on key outcomes and how to get there. With her empathetic and laser focused approach she was quickly able to help my colleague believe in herself, draw out and present her key strengths and capabilities in the best possible light and really build a case for promotion.

Longer term Helen has provided my colleague with the right framework with which to determine her next move and how to get there. Helen is fabulous at what she does and instills trust and confidence. I highly recommend working with Helen.

An yes my colleague of course got the promotion ! 

I was assigned Helen as my mentor through Help for Heros, where Helen volunteers her time and business expertise. My aim was to set up my own business , but I felt that I lacked the business acumen to start up. Helen started with the basics, me! She helped me identify, that I did absolutely have the acumen needed and together we planned out my next steps. With her experience and knowledge, I was able to thoroughly market test my business and product. After four months of my pre-launch activities, the business with Helen expertise and support/challenge, is currently 6 months ahead of where I wanted it to be.

Chris Flannagan CEO TLP Ltd - Drone Security Specialists

Help for Heros Beneficiary

Dawn Larter-Evans Managing Director at Accenture